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Letters of Mozda Archive

Following is the Archive of Letters of Mozda.
She's Our Daughter Too, December 1991

Letter 2
You Belong to This Village Now, June 1992

Letter 3
Experiences With Tuver Dal Project, April 1993

Letter 4
Only the Food We Eat is Ours, February 1994

Letter 5
House Building, A Community Effort, September 1994

Letter 6
Beginning of Watershed Programme, September 1995

Letter 7
House Building, A Community Effort, May 1997

Letter 8
We will Dig Our Well, September 1998

Letter 9
The Story of Cows, September 1999

Letter 10
Have You Abolished Liquor, May 2001

Letter 11
Taking Responsibility - Learning to Lead, May 2003